Saturday, January 1, 2011

We Are All The Same

I was having a discussion last night with a group of friends.  One in particular is looking for the way in.  He is looking for the way into being connected,  cohesiveness that leads to joy.  He mentioned that everything was clicking for so long and then it just stopped.  

That has happened to me before.  For me I think it's a matter of not being in touch with myself.  Doing too much for others can create that feeling of I don't know who I am because I'm not even recognizing what I need.  I catch myself living for others without regard to my own needs.  That isn't good because it isn't balanced. 

That's easy to do especially if you are inclined to try to help whoever you run across that asks for help.  You can help without it consuming you though.  Sometimes helping isn't in your best interest because either it's not a positive situation for you or you are the one who needs self-reflection.  You have to trust your instincts and live your life for you.  

We all go through periods of being out of balance.  We just need to open our eyes to this. As I tell my kids, never say never because one day you will find yourself in the same situation. Keeping this in mind allows you to feel connected to others, no matter how different you think you are, you are just like they are.  Changing the way you think changes how you feel.  Realizing everyone is the same, you feel connected to the energy of the earth as well as the energy of all of those around you. 

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