Monday, January 24, 2011

Redefining New Year's Resolutions

Usually I do not make New Years Resolutions.  I don't make them because I always thought why wait until then when I can start now.  The only problem is that now doesn't come around very often.  I do try to plan things out though so I guess my resolutions are more like goals.  Also resolution implies loosing something.  I may not want to lose all of something but only an aspect of something.  Therefore a goal to me is a little more focused.

Martha Beck has an interesting idea regarding getting a clearer picture on what you want.  She tells people to use adjectives instead of nouns and verbs so that you are describing what it feels like to have reached your goal or completed your New Year's Resolution.  This is the place you want to be at.

Think about something that you would like to attain.  A lot of people set goals to lose weight around this time of the year.  The gyms are full of people who are striving to reach their goal, or so I've been told. They are passionate about it for the first month and then, for whatever reason,  their goal changes or completely disappears.  To stop this from happening, Martha Beck suggests that we think about how we would feel once we have reached that goal.  Does it make us feel complete, energetic, fearless, ... Now write down those adjectives that describe how you would feel.   What you do in your daily life that can be described by using those same adjectives.  This can bolster the "I can do it!" attitude to get you through the tough times.  If you can find these adjectives in your daily life now then you already have successes in your life? Count those blessings too!

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