Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King's Birthday

I think we have finally thawed out and right now everyone in this household is in a better place. We can go somewhere.  There is nothing like not being able to get out of the house when you want to.  Well, I guess you could say that we really needed to.

This morning I woke early,  forgetting for a moment that it's a holiday. Martin Luther King's birthday is today.  Really!! I started thinking about how my kids really should be back in school today and that we don't need another holiday, a.k.a kids day to sleep in late...Later I realized how selfish that thought is.

Martin Luther King has definitely earned a day to be recognized and remembered. It actually made me a little upset when I started recalling people, I'm included, suggesting that the kids begin making up snow days today. I understand they missed an entire week of school but should we forgo MLK day? Would we have given up any of our other holidays so easily? Well, in the end,  those snow days were pardoned except for one. That one will be made up during the furlough days in the months ahead. Don't even get me started on furlough days!

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