Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Did It!

Yesterday I finally decided to step up my exercise. Yoga is wonderful but I needed something that pushed me a little further physically. I'm not giving up gentle yoga but took a step outside of the box and went to a Jazzercise class.

7 or 8 years ago was the last time I put a foot inside a Jazzercise studio. For over 2 years I have been thinking about it, because I love it so, but the fear of the now unknown is what kept me out. Would I be so totally out of shape that it's pointless?  Would everyone in there look awesome leaving me all by my lonesome? Would the owner, who I know,  take one look at me and think, or even worse say,  something to confirm all of these thoughts? 

Class begins at 4:45 and I got there extra early so I could sit in the parking lot and work up the courage to walk through those doors. I sat and wrestled with myself for quite some time until 15 minutes before class.  It's tough to be your own cheerleader but if you want it bad enough you'll reach for it.  If the good stuff out weighs the bad stuff then you are in good shape. I went in early to fill out the bit of paperwork I had as a walk-in client and so far so good.  

The owner of this location is also the instructor for this class. Class is almost ready to begin and up on the stage is not my friend but another instructor filling in for her.   This instructor I had before and it was surprising and I felt a bit of a relief to see a familiar face.  Things were coming together better than I could have imagined.  

It's as I remembered, Jazzercise is fun.  It is also more intense than I remember.  The class incorporates aerobics, pilates, resistance training,... and all of this is set to high energy music and guided by an over-the-top instructor. I do not mean anything by that other than to teach a class like this you need to be high energy, outgoing, friendly and comfortable in your own skin or else fake it well. If you are having a grogy day just step inside this studio in particular and you will begin the transformation. For me this is it. The other good thing is that I didn't forget those basic Jazzercise steps. I was able to keep up through most of the class without tripping or falling over because of lack of coordination or passing out due to lack of cardio. 

Jazzercise attracts people from all walks of life, this is something else I forgot. People older than me, some younger, some who are fit and others who aren't all in attendance. I appauld those who are getting out there and moving even though to look at them you think that must really be a struggle. I need to lose about 30 and it's not easy,  but to see someone who needs to lose 60 or more pounds, doing way better than I am, is pretty impressive. 

When I left there exhausted and drenched I still felt good.  Ready for dinner, a hot shower and my soft, cozy bed the soreness started to sink into my body.  At first I felt it in the places you would expect and this morning I woke to every part of my body loudly crying out. I had forgotten what it felt like to be sore in more places than I care to mention. It's been hours since I got up and I expected to reap the benefits of the ibuprofen I took earlier but I'm still pretty sore.  I do, however, feel a little stronger if only in my heart. I did it!!

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