Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day (Part 2)

Yet another day of snow.  No more snow falling and it does seem as if a lot of snow has melted.  The roads are a little slushy and it will be interesting to see what the morning holds. The temperature around here isn't supposed to get above freezing.  

If the kids have school tomorrow I have carpool duty tomorrow:(  Yikes!!  My husband has graciously offered to take the kids to school for me.  Yeah!!  I don't like driving on ice because no one can drive on ice.   For those of us with school aged children it could be another day with the kids home though.  At least they aren't looking for something to do. 

My two have spent most of the day outside in the snow.  Kids are funny.  Here I sound like my mother when I yell,"Make sure you layer your clothes.  Come inside for cocoa when you get too cold.  Don't take your mittens off."  I could go on and on but if you are a mom I'm sure you've said it.  Funny how the old-fashioned notion of playing outside is okay to a kid when there is an adventure to be had in especially in the snow.
Stay safe!!

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