Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Grateful, So Very Grateful

I am grateful. I've always been silently grateful. As I've seen more of the world I am more cognizant of what I have. In particular, I am grateful that I have enough money to be able to fill my gas tank whenever it needs filling. I am so grateful that I have reliable transportation. Without those two things my life would be impossible. Okay, maybe not impossible but it would be extremely difficult. For the past year or so when I go to the pump I think how blessed am I that I don't have to worry about only pumping so much because if I do I might not be able to take care of other expenses. I am also so grateful that my son is still recovering from his traumatic brain injury. Some days are still better than others. Some days I can see the pain in his eyes due to frustration or those evil headaches. It could have been so much worse. That's what I tell myself everyday. Everyday.