Friday, January 14, 2011

Enough Already!

I am so over this frozen tundra and I'm so thankful this is a once in a decade kind of thing. I am beginning to think I'll never thaw out and that my kids will never go back to school. They were out the entire week for goodness sake! Monday is MLK day and they are off then too! I love my kids to death but I think we are getting ever so close to strangling one another. My lovely husband is included in the mix. He's the lucky one in times like these. He has a job outside of the house.I, one the other hand, do not. I will say this though, because of this I have stepped up my job search. Yesterday, the last day of being trapped inside the house, I was applying for just about any kind of job I could find. Anything to even get an interview. Nothing yet. Despite that, I would have gotten out before today, the kids are now old enough to stay home alone, but I don't drive in/on the ice. If I really had to I would but I really didn't have to. Next time I guess I could at least go out to get a breath of fresh air :0).

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