Monday, January 30, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things

Things ~ Random Listing

  • All Things Apple (Mac, Macbook, iPad,  iPhone & iPod ~ Old school iPod:0)  
Okay, just as a side note:  Yesterday morning I watched CBS's story on Foxconn. I must admit I was a little more than shocked.  I was also shocked specifically that if Steve Jobs were as involved in his products as he was that he wouldn't have tried his best to take care of the situation.  Did his need to get product to the masses override his compassion.  NO, wait a minute.  Steve Jobs in the same sentence with compassion?  I do applaud him for being at the realm of such a perfect product but at what expense?
  • Paper Mate (SharpWriter)mechanical pencil ~ for writing. LOVE THESE!  The leads are just soft enough and the pencil is light enough.  It has a really good eraser too. 
  • Pens ~ Have always been a bit preoccupied with finding a good one.  The more expensive ones aren't necessarily the best.  Seeing a pen for me is the equivalent of "Squirrel!"  
  • Post-Its ~ Big and small (I especially like the recycled ones)
  • Journals ~ with seemingly handmade paper
  • Lavendar and lavender oil (I grow lavender.  I just need to figure out how to harvest it) 
  • Patchouli ~ Makes me feel really grounded
  • Vivelle ~ Hormone patch.  Wonderful bliss:0)
  • Gummy Vitamins ~ Really hard for me to stomach the regular stuff
  • Prescription Readers ~ Some think there isn't a difference but there is.
  • Vera Bradly Tote ~ Just big enough for my MacBook, journal, magazines,...
  • Tervis Tumblers ~ Someday I will own one.
  • Handmade Soaps ~ Good start to a day
  • Candles ~ that burn well and smell exceptional
  • Incense ~ Almost any sent except the fruity ones or the fake smelling ones
  • Lint Roller ~ We have 3 dogs, need I say more.  I have a son that is obsessed with "Mom, where's the lint roller!"  Can you hear him shout it.
  • Calculators and a good dictionary
  • Red wine ~ Sometimes, at the end of the day, (or at least after 11) it helps me make sense of it all.  

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