Sunday, January 8, 2012

Movie Night: Descendants

Earlier in the week my girlfriends and I planned a night out. We decided that Saturday night we would see "that George Clooney movie".  I had no idea what the name of it was.  Quite frankly I really didn't care.  I enjoy time with my girlfriends and with George Clooney.  Finally, Saturday night came.  An hour after a chef's salad at Rafferetys,  we were in the theater. Trip to the ladies room first then a trip to the concession stand. Popcorn and a coke cost more than the movie. Seriously?? 

 My girlfriends said they usually brought their own drinks in. They also said if they bring the kids, they stop at the dollar store beforehand to buy candy.  Really? Maybe bringing your own stuff into the theater is more common than I think. I just don't buy the candy.  My kids have never complained, thank goodness.  Popcorn is a different story. We always have popcorn.  There is nothing like movie theater popcorn. That can go either way.  I know first hand about making the movie theater popcorn and eating it.   

When I first started working, I worked at a movie theater. I hated it! I might not have hated it so much if I was doing something fun like running the movie. They put me behind the counter. Yes, there was rudeness even WAY back then. Some were relentlessly unforgiving to a 16 year-old who couldn't think fast on her feet.  As a matter of fact, I still can't think fast on my feet.  Loved the guy who ordered a large popcorn with butter and a large diet coke.  Something just wasn't right about that.

We got settled into our seats, switched off our phones and waded through the litany of previews.  Finally the movie began.  At first I wasn't sure I would like it. There was a lot of silence during the scenes.  I got use to it though.  The humor at times was really dry but fit the movie.  

There were a lot of twists and turns, some tears shed and some cheers.  I would highly recommend it.  My recommendation has nothing to do with George Clooney :0)  

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