Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yoga Mat

Here it lays.  I was looking all over for it.  It was here the entire time.  I'm just slightly embarrassed. Okay, I'm a lot embarrassed.   I should treat my mat a little kinder.  Bruce would be disappointed. Bruce is my awesome yoga instructor.  Maybe if I treated my mat nicer, it would treat me a little kinder during class.  My yoga mat and the Emergency Car Kit were removed from the back of my car before things were loaded for our Christmas Vacation. Yes, emergency car kit.  The kit that should have been in the car during our trip. We could have used it.  Anyway, today I got in my car to go to yoga class.  Before reaching the driver's door something caught my eye.  That's when I saw it laying there, in the garage.   I picked it up from the cold, hard floor, gingerly placing it in the passenger seat.  We drove to class.   My mat was very forgiving.  Thank goodness!

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