Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Intentions Change

My intention for this day was to be nice to everyone.  Ooops!  I already blew it with my daughter this morning as she was getting ready for school.  She was stuck in TV land, not paying attention to me when I asked what she wanted for breakfast.  She responded to a question she thought I had asked but it wasn't the question I asked. I sure moms and wives can relate. When that happened I lost it.  
                          "Shelby, that answer doesn't make any sense.  Please quit watching TV, turn around and talk to me.  It's rude not to pay attention to someone when they are talking to you.  On top of that,  when your mouth is facing the opposite direction of my ears I can't hear what you are saying.  Now what do you want for breakfast?"

Maybe I had better change my intention to breathing more and saying "I'm sorry" more often.  

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