Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't Mess With Your Mom

Okay, remember that letter I mentioned the other day? It was a letter from the high school my son will attend in the fall inviting us to an informational. I began talking to my son like he was going. He almost immediately said, "Oh, that's just for parents! Students aren't supposed to go." A certain amount of stiffness entered my body,  but I ignored it.  I ignored it because the 8th graders would take a "field trip" to the high school. While there they would take a tour,... So I didn't think too much about him not going with us that night.

Finally, it's the night of meeting. My husband and I get there and look around at wall-to-wall kids which of course led me to think,  "What the heck?" We were duped. He didn't want to come for whatever reason and I bought it.  I decided to go the front of the auditorium, before things started, to reintroduce myself and my husband to the principal.  I knew her from last year where she was the principal at the middle school.  It was an awesome year.  She's very "open door policy" kind of principal so I decide to go to her asking if kids were supposed to come.  She said,"Yes." I said, "Oh." I found a seat and texted my son. 

                Me:    "Kids were supposed to come to this."
                Son:   "Oh, GGTB!" 
(**GGTB= got to go bye)

We got back home and I decide to have some fun. He's having fun with me and now it's my turn. 

               Me:     "There was an elective fair there and since you made the decision not to go I went ahead and picked a couple of electives for you."
                                  (His eyes were getting big at this point.) 

               Me:     "I thought you might enjoy Interior Design as your first choice."
              Son:     "No, mom.  You didn't do that.  Say you didn't do that."
              Me:     "Come on! I think you would really like it once you got in there."

I let him marinate in that for a while and then told him the truth.  It was fun while it lasted and a reminder not to mess with the bull or you get the horns. 

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