Friday, September 2, 2011

Zoie: A Love Story

Oh, it's been such a difficult summer.  I didn't think things could get more difficult but they have.  Always interesting how that works.  I've spent the past couple of days in a tear-streaked stupor.  Not really sure what to do.  I know what I need to do.  I just need to carefully think things through.  As a parent of a 14 year-old and an 11 year-old it's not just about me.  I have to be ready.

Our 21 year-old cat, yes I said cat, has come to the end of her journey on the earth.  It's time to let her go.  It just makes me so sad I can hardly stand it.  She's been a part of my life for 21 years but I just can't stand to see her in the condition she is in.  It's hard for her to get up and down.  She virtually stopped eating yesterday.  Yesterday I realized I needed to do something.  Call the vet and explain the situation they are already aware of.  The situation they deal with on a regular basis.  I don't though. My husband does.  They say it's time.

My husband has already been feeding the kids the truth slowly.  Bit by bit.  Little conversations about how Zoie isn't doing very well.  Telling them, "You know, Zoie is 21.  She's pretty old."  The past couple of days we've all just been hanging out in our bedroom with Zoie.  Giving her plenty of love.  Gently giving that love because at this point she is so very fragile.

It's time to let her go.  I went ahead and talked to her.  Spoke in a soft voice telling her she can go.  Letting her know everything would be okay and at the same time reassuring myself, but I can hardly breath.

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