Monday, May 30, 2011

Is It Worth Going After

Just sitting here contemplating what friendship means to me. I think it's something you either have with someone or you don't. I'm not talking about the casual friendships or the friendships you might have with someone just because you belong to a particular group of people. I don't think true friendships can be created intentionally, it just happens. 

If I think back through my life,  there is a period of time when I consciously said to myself, "That person seems like they would be a lot of fun. I think I will try to get to know them a little better."For me those times never worked out as I had expected. As a matter of fact, "What have I gotten myself into?" was a constant feeling.   Those times that did work out  I didn't do anything to "find a friend", we just found one another. Looking back on those relationships the key was that nothing was forced.  I want to be around that person and if I can't it's okay because I can remember the feeling I had the last time I was with this person. 

This type of friendship didn't have anything to do with what they could give to me, at least at first glance. Now I realize they gave me a lot. They allowed me to feel good about myself, comfortable in my own skin.  These friends are the ones you don't want to leave out of any part of your life whether that part is good or bad. These are the good ones you don't want to see go.  Good friends are the ones who share in all of our journey, not just when life is running smoothly.

 When you find a friend like that you are lucky. It has nothing to do with popularity or if they have money, but everything to do with how they make you feel. Do they support you or do you feel worse after you have been with them? If the later is true, it's okay to only leave yourself open for the kinds of friendships that do make you feel good.  Open yourself up for opportunity. Every situation presents something to you. The most unexpected outcomes can come to us if we allow. 

 The friendships you don't seek out are the ones that last a lifetime.

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