Friday, September 17, 2010


It's amazing what a convertible can do.  I'm not even a "car person" but in a convertible I've found I can take a mini-vacation.
The story goes, my husband was in need of a new car.  Well, a "new to him" car.  As we've gotten older we've gotten a bit smarter. We decided not to buy a brand new one.   One type of car he was looking at was a convertible.  I didn't really care.  When he asked me what I thought I told him to get what he wants.  I also added, "Within reason." Between my husband's and son's research they found the perfect car.
Notice I said they.  Not that my 13 year-old is hoping to get his hands on this car in 3 years or anything.  After negotiating my husband was able to get quite a deal so...  he now has one, a convertible.  He has had it for 1 day.  Last night my 13 year-old son begged his dad to let me drive the car the next day.  It was my carpool day and usually I have 4 kids to chauffeur to school but my son let me know I would only have 3 tomorrow.   Perfect timing. 4 seats and 4 people works.  The kids were excitedly texting one another last night about the ride.  I, at that point, was excited not because I would be driving the new car but because my son was excited. It takes a lot to get my son excited.  Cars and airplanes will do it though. This car wasn't just any car though it was his dad's Mustang Convertible. Well, he was more than excited.  He was on cloud 9.
My husband, on the other hand, seemed a little nervous.  That night he gave me a walking tour of his prize making certain I knew how to put the top up and down "Just in case." He also gave instruction in what other buttons did what and reminded me to take notice when pulling out of the garage because,      " It's difficult to judge how close you are to the garage."  Thanks honey!  I've only been driving for 20+ years :)   The whole time I'm thinking,"Okay,  so what's the big deal? It's a car."
Morning finally came and we left to pick up the first passenger.   Pulling out of the driveway I began to get a little taste of the power. Did I mention it's a Mustang convertible.  It's not a GT but enough power to get me into trouble. We made it to our first stop and before my son's friend got in he asked if he could just  jump over the door into the seat.  I had him rethink that one.  Too many variables.
On the way to school the kids were making comments and having conversations like they usually did.  Normally my super mom hearing would be working overtime to make certain I didn't miss anything that may come in handy later.  Who's dating who, what teacher did what, ....  Not today!  Today I was in my own little convertible world. I didn't have a clue as to what they were talking about and nor did I care.  I managed to pick up everyone without incident and we pulled out of the subdivision. The red light provided the opportunity to get another glimpse of what the car could do. I stepped on the accelerator as I normally would and soon realized this isn't the van.  The top is down, wind blowing my hair around and about 5 minutes later we are at the school.
Yes, school is literally right around the corner so I didn't get to experience a lot of time behind the wheel on this trip.  I dropped everyone off hearing, "SWEET!" in the background.  Another 5 minutes and I was headed to yoga.  I know, for some reason that just doesn't sound right.  Driving a convertible, especially one that has more capabilities than what I'm used to,  is an experience.  It is more than a car.  I use to consider yoga my only mini-vacation but not anymore.  I let my husband know he could keep the van and that I really liked my early birthday present. His only response was "NO WAY!"

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