Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Double Rainbow
It is amazing what faith can do, even a little of it.  Having faith in something motivates you.  Without faith motivation is lost.  Without faith you can feel stuck and possibly hopeless.  Without faith you are not in charge of your life.  You leave your life to chance.  You leave your life.

Faith comes and goes, sometimes a bit erratically.

Hoping that next wave won't be the last!

Ye have much faith!
                            This picture proves that sometimes you can have too much faith in someone.  My daughter wanted to believe her brother when he said," I promise I won't get you wet!"   My son wanted to get the upper hand on his sister for being so gullible, which in his mind means putting up with a lot.  Faith in something or someone is used as a life rope to many.  

                               Too much faith in people who show you that you shouldn't trust them can lead to wounded pride and possible devastation with the thought you can't trust anyone again.  

               Along with faith in others there needs to be true faith that you are meant to be where you are for a reason. Things are always changing.  Situations are always changing.  Faith gets us through those tough scary times.  

A possible reason we go through the bad, good and ugly is to experience relationships and how those chance meetings can change our lives.  The ripple effect is you do not realize how that one encounter could affect someone else.  Someone else's life.  It does not stop there.  What transpires is incalculable.  

       Completely unknown is when it will happen. Look at it as a lesson.  My son's lesson was not to take advantage of his sister's love for him. As he tells me, "Karma baby always wins out." My daughter learned not to be so trusting but only after several years of what is pictured above.  

If in the past someone has taken advantage of that trust don't forget what you learned.   Use that knowledge, especially if it is your sometimes obnoxious teenage brother. It's best to try these things out on family first.  

            In any given situation try not to judge the person because we do not know the circumstances.  We usually assume the driver who cut us off is just an incredible jerk.  Maybe, just maybe he just learned he lost his job, his wife, his child. There is usually more to the story.  So much energy is wasted on trying to figure someone out.  It is impossible.   Too many variables to do that.  

We need to work on ourselves.  We cannot change or fix anyone else.  No matter where we are in life or where we go we need to focus on change within. Having faith that we are where we are meant to be for this moment. So "Have A Little Faith."

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